Pica by David Cameron

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Pica Artwork by David  Cameron
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Title: Pica
Date Created: 2010
Copyright: © David Cameron
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Acrylic
Views: 787
Posted: 11/15/2015

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David Cameron
Member Since November 2014

Projects: I am currently working on a series of new personal paintings that will be for sale from my website. I' m also writing a short novel based on my painting ' The most Terrible Tale Concerning The Persecution of Old Mr. Corvus' that was chosen by the jury to feature in IBA vol3 that I am hoping to get time to illustrate. Also working on a fantasy novel I started many years ago and abandoned to work on other projects and planning to write a new book of my artwork created over the past few years.

Location: United Kingdom

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Inspired by an encounter with a magpie that approached me one day while watering my garden, it walked right up to me, jumped over my feet and caught a moth that flew out of the flowers. It followed me around the garden for a short while before flying off. The Latin name for magpies is Pica Pica.

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