Coral Queen by Wil Oberdier

Coral Queen Artwork by Wil Oberdier
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Title: Coral Queen
Date Created: 06/13/2015
Copyright: © wiloberdier
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Graphite Pencil, Digital
Views: 967
Posted: 6/14/2015

About the Artist

Wil Oberdier
Member Since June 2015

Projects: Wil Oberdier is a freelance illustrator and fine artist who makes his home in Shelby , Ohio.
Experiment is the advice he gives to up and coming students of art and illustration.
Wil' s unmistakable combination of painting and textures over a loose pencil sketch gives his work mystery and depth beyond the surface of the canvas. He is a frequent contributor on where he serves as an administrator for the illustration arena. He has won numerous awards of merit both at home and online.

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