Vader's Night by Zoltan Simon

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Vader's Night Artwork by Zoltan Simon
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Title: Vader's Night
Date Created: 10-10-2014
Copyright: © Lucasfilm Ltd.
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: CS5
Views: 800
Posted: 12/1/2014

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Zoltan Simon
Member Since December 2014

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Vader's Night shows the tormented Vader, haunted by his burning memories and the true nature of the dark side. He raises his aggressively glowing red lightsaber but he cannot fight the ghosts and failures of his past. Vader is the archetype of the fallen, angry, helplessly suffering hero. This artwork was submitted to Lucasfilm as an art contest entry for appearing in Star Wars Celebration VII Art Show, Anaheim, 2015.

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