Snowflower by Folko Streese

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Snowflower Artwork by Folko Streese
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Total Votes: 2

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Title: Snowflower
Date Created: 01/14
Copyright: © Folko Streese
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 868
Posted: 12/1/2014

About the Artist

Folko Streese
Member Since November 2013

Projects: Books: " Doctor Who - How to be a Time Lord" by BBC Children´ s Books (Imprint of Penguin Books), " Evolution: Why did Fish grow Feet?" by TickTock (Imprint of Octopus Books) Movies: &bdquo Hansel and Gretel - The Witchhunters" Board- and Cardgames: &bdquo Hex - Shards of Fate" MMO TCG, &bdquo Warhammer Blood Bowl Card Game" , &bdquo A Game of Thrones LCG" , &bdquo Talisman" Boardgame Expansion, &bdquo Warlord CCG" Videogames: &bdquo Bounty Bay Online&ldquo , &bdquo A New Beginning&ldquo , &bdquo Simon the Sorcerer IV&ldquo , &bdquo Gothic&ldquo , &bdquo Anno 1503 Mobile&ldquo , &bdquo The Dark Eye Mobile&ldquo vol. 1-15 and many more...

Location: Berlin, Germany

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