It's because...I am the Queen by Alan Dyson

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It's because...I am the Queen Artwork by Alan Dyson
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Total Votes: 2

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Title: It's because...I am the Queen
Date Created: 2014
Copyright: © alan dyson
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Corel Painter
Views: 585
Posted: 11/30/2014

About the Artist

Alan Dyson
Member Since February 2014

Projects: Game of Thrones Compendium Election 2017 sketch cards Bench Warmer sketch cards interior artwork for numerous RPG (role-playing game)book publications private commission for actor Jerry Maren (lollipop kid)"Wizard of Oz"

Location: Illinois, US

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The premise for this illustration depicts the dramatic reveal of the Queen Myrtle character's identity while she was traveling incognito. When somebody recognizes her voice, Myrtle lowers the hood of her cloak. She proclaims who she is by revealing the iconic sword she carries at her side with the royal coat-of-arms along with the crown that she wears on her head.

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