Every Thought Emits the Ghost of a Gesture by Ryota Matsumoto

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Every Thought Emits the Ghost of a Gesture Artwork by Ryota Matsumoto
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Title: Every Thought Emits the Ghost of a Gesture
Date Created: 07,25,2014
Copyright: © Ryota Matsumoto 2014
Genre: Sci Fi
Mediums: Mixed Media, Acrylic, Digital
Views: 534
Posted: 9/24/2014

About the Artist

Ryota Matsumoto
Member Since September 2014

Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Ryota Matsumoto's drawings develop and demonstrate the hybrid/multi-layered process where varying scale, juxtaposition of different forms, intertwined textures/tones are applied to reinvent and question the spatial conditions of architectural drawings. His work explore a hybrid drawing technique combining both traditional media (ink, acrylic, and graphite) and digital media (algorithmic processing, scripting and image compositing with custom software ) .

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