Enter the Horde by Jennifer Lange

Enter the Horde Artwork by Jennifer Lange
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Title: Enter the Horde
Date Created: November 2023
Copyright: © Paul Barnstein
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Photoshop, Corel Painter
Views: 79
Posted: 12/8/2023

About the Artist

Jennifer Lange
Member Since September 2023

Projects: Neo Noir, Alpträ ume, Budenzauber, Schattengeschä fte adventure books for ShadowRun by Pegasus Spiele

Ghost of Dathomir Star Wars RPG, interior illustrations, Fantasy Flight Games

Die Kunst des Schwarzen Auges, interior illustrations, Ulisses Spiele

RuneQuest &ndash The Pegasus Plateau and other Stories, interior illustrations, Chaosium Inc.

Warlords of Ravenna card game, illustrations, Top Games

Location: Germany

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When the first set of images for the Destiny of Celtara RPG was done, the client told me to do one more illustration, whatever I wanted, anything. All other illustrations were very tight so I did one opposing idea of a very loose and colourful piece with overlaid fractal flames and any effect I could get away with.

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