IAMIX by Ellie (Elaine) Nesbitt

Jury voting begins on December 11, 2023.

IAMIX Artwork by Ellie (Elaine) Nesbitt
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Jury voting begins on December 11, 2023.

Art Details

Title: IAMIX
Date Created: September 22, 2023
Copyright: © Elaine Nesbitt (FAYBEL)
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 44
Posted: 11/11/2023

About the Artist

Ellie (Elaine) Nesbitt
Member Since November 2021

Projects: Ellie is currently working on a series of paintings for her original fairytale The Tin Princess. A limited-edition, giclé e series from this narrative will be run with Quirky Fox Gallery in New Zealand. Ellie is also initiating a limited-edition, signed and numbered, collection with Art Major Gallery in California, in line to become their first digital artist as well as Quirky Fox' s first digital painter to run a limited-edition series. In the midst of gallery arrangements and periodical publications, Ellie is upstarting a literary call for artists, a resource for skills progression, industry buzz and artist opportunities, JESSO Magazine. Notable institutions, organizations, award-winning artists and industry professionals have already displayed expressed interest in JESSO, which, between recent and forecasted personal surgeries, will require some time in realizing. At present, Ellie is hyper-focused on launching her own digital works and platform in the gallery setting to help support JESSO' s future publication for emerging and inquisitive artists. Due to her current health circumstance, Ellie is primarily interested in finding further representation via open/limited-edition, archival print series and group exhibition.

Location: Ontario, Canada

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A floral-eyed kiu-fae named Nix from FAYBEL's original fairytale The Tin Princess: IAMIX, this piece's moniker, is best translated to, "I am number 9," with 'IX' being the Roman numeral. With its rich royal blue, floral-eyes motif, IAMIX is a manifest of rhythmic action--brushwork finessed by the artist--to cope, to last. Stokes craft a blossoming gaze of longevity to look upon the viewer, timeless as the idiom of the nine-lived cat. Each secret cat is the embers, the elemental flame of lives known and expected, dashed with those small, quiet desires, paths that ever echo within, snuffed out mid stars before the sun can carry them. All of us bear coveted universes within that can live at harmonious once and singularly end. Intricate details from this figurative work are inspired by flowery, fine bone china designs, Art Nouveau and elemental photography.

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