The Hallows (3/3) by Elliot Lang

The Hallows (3/3) Artwork by Elliot Lang
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Title: The Hallows (3/3)
Date Created: 2023
Copyright: © M. Elliot Lang
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Gouache, Acrylic, Ink
Views: 66
Posted: 11/6/2023

About the Artist

Elliot Lang
Member Since June 2014

Projects: I currently split my time between my studio and my creative duties to my two startups: Number 38 and Number 15. In the studio, I paint and draw narrative fantasy illustrations, write, and serve my clients' needs daily. As Chief Creative Officer I focus on illustrating, art directing, and designing diverse creative assets to both excite and engage a wide audience to serve the needs of many. I am currently completing a draft of my first novel to send to publishers.

Location: Denver

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This series was created for the 2023 IX Imagine This Main Show.

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