Wherever We Go From Here by eric martin

Wherever We Go From Here Artwork by eric martin
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Title: Wherever We Go From Here
Date Created: 12/09/22
Copyright: © Eric Martin
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Corel Painter, Photoshop
Views: 120
Posted: 12/10/2022

About the Artist

eric martin
Member Since November 2012

Location: Long Beach, CA

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"There�s that heavy weight again. That lingering desire, To put those pieces back together. Pushing, shuffling and restructuring, Fidgeting and fretting until it resembles something I desire it to be. Still unable to quantify the attention to minor details, And no amount of manipulation seems to be comfortable, If there�s a moment of clarity, I wish time would slow down long enough for me to feel it However it�s easy to think I�m at my best when closest to the bottom, Circling the drain and scraping the surface. I�m probably still unprepared to hear it, But somewhere in between is where this course begins to correct. That need to undo the things that are not in my control loses precedence. If it�s possible to repair what�s broken, It�s better to use those pieces to build a home with you. Instead of wasting the moments we have left, There�s still time to look forward, To wherever it is we go from here."

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