Beckoning the Dawn by Colin Poole

Beckoning the Dawn Artwork by Colin  Poole
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Title: Beckoning the Dawn
Date Created: 2022
Copyright: ©
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Bronze, Sculpture
Views: 117
Posted: 12/9/2022

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Colin Poole
Member Since December 2014

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"Beckoning the Dawn" is the seventh in a series of bronze sculptures based on the epic mythology that I�ve been writing for the last several years. The fabric represents the night from which she emerges as the music she plays on her pan flute calls the day into being. Her ornate hair and jeweled headdress are reminiscent of the rising sun appearing over the horizon. The wellspring that pours from the rock at the base of the sculpture represents the beginning of a new day. This sculpture has three versions of the pan flute, multiple versions of the fabric that flows of her shoulder and endless possibilities of patina colorations so that each piece in the edition can have unique elements.

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