Frozen Synapse by Sarah Miller

Frozen Synapse Artwork by Sarah Miller
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Title: Frozen Synapse
Date Created: 04/06/2020
Copyright: © Sarah MW Miller
Genre: Horror
Mediums: CS6
Views: 145
Posted: 12/9/2022

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Sarah Miller
Member Since November 2021

Projects: Crow & Arrow, Original Webcomic | Call of Cthulhu | Runequest | Psychic Kids | Home
| Envision Arts | Toxic Sushi / Artscum Magazine

Location: Virginia, United States

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Standing on a frozen lake of synapse Feet glued to surface, stuck in its stillness Shaking the thoughts that fall into relapse A helpless thirst that can�t quench this illness The water has withered, cracks slowly climb To try masking stains that thinking has spilt Numbness sedates a mind heavy with time There�s none that weighs like philosopher�s guilt Consumed in reflections, branches and rot Fingertips tire from trying to reach through I fall beneath webs of words that are not Floating and failing, drowning within you We are cold mirrors of voracity Destinies of unfilled capacities

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