Final Moments at the Monastery of the Sea Goddess, 2199 by Ken Kvamme

Final Moments at the Monastery of the Sea Goddess, 2199 Artwork by Ken Kvamme
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Title: Final Moments at the Monastery of the Sea Goddess, 2199
Date Created: 2022
Copyright: © Ken Kvamme
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Oils
Views: 13
Posted: 12/8/2022

About the Artist

Ken Kvamme
Member Since October 2013

Projects: Ken' s artwork has been published in multiple venues, including several volumes of " Infected by Art," and has been shown in galleries across much of the country. Most recently, Ken' s art was shown in " Contemporary Art in Realism" at 3 Square Art in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a Bronze Award, in the " Real People 2021" exhibit in Woodstock, Illinois, in the international exhibit " Femme" by Art Fluent with a third place finish, and an honorable mention in the Portrait Society of America' s members only competition in the " Outside the Box" category. He has previously displayed in the Illuxcon and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live shows. Projects include: Bucketheads the Medieval Knights of Europe, Land of the Nile, Imagining Dune, Women take Flight. Prints of his art in many formats, including on paper, canvas, panel, t-shirts, cups, and phone cases, are available on his website.

Location: United States

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With heightened sea levels in 2199 a storm rages off coastal N'Yark. It seems clear that the monastery of the Sea Goddess is doomed. Yet, the High Priest and his two acolytes refuse to surrender hope, chanting spells and incantations at the surrounding storm in an effort to ward off its evil approaches. 12" x 16", oil on canvas.

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