Nightshade by Petra Frankova

Nightshade Artwork by Petra Frankova
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Title: Nightshade
Date Created: 2022
Copyright: © Petra Frankova
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Graphite Pencil
Views: 130
Posted: 12/8/2022

About the Artist

Petra Frankova
Member Since December 2020

Location: Czech republic

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(Encyclopaedia Bufonica, Johannes Georg Riessler 2022) �...As revealed in the previous chapters, the umbrous connections among the amphibians (especially of frog origin) and poisonous plants of various repulsive intensities is commensurate with the frightfulness of the environment in which the repulsive union between them occurs. Paris, the city of outcasts, whores, wickedness, satanists, bloodsuckers and the worst of all � artists � is an example most foul and clear. Only here can one find thickets and smelly gardens full of herbs scenting the deadly vapours, beckoning to meet all the often innocent amphibious tadpoles. Those herbs deform, tear and distort amphibian�s growth into a noble swamp creature, killing the divine spark within it and creating instead a grinning parody of animal nobility. These chimeras of plant and animal do not grow, but bloom into an otherworldly putridity � and how they bloom! They blossom in vicious rippling waves, slowly circling around the minds of passing beggars, whom they kill outright..."

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