Ancestors Awakening by Marta Witkiewicz

Ancestors Awakening Artwork by Marta Witkiewicz
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Art Details

Title: Ancestors Awakening
Date Created: 2022
Copyright: © Marta Witkiewicz
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Graphite Pencil, Graphite
Views: 22
Posted: 12/6/2022

About the Artist

Marta Witkiewicz
Member Since October 2020

Location: Hiszpania

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My grandfather used to tell me stories of the very old days. When great shamans walked between us connecting people to the spirits of all things. Those shamans who gained the ability to link with the divine became hosts of powerful ancestral beings. They were not gods, yet still sacred and deeply worshiped across the nation. For they were the ones protecting the land from darkness. People called them Prime Ancestors as they came before all else, at the dawn of the Creation. What happened to them you ask? Over the years beliefs turned into stories, stories into legends, and each one different. Some say that they sacrificed themselves to save humanity during the Dark Wars. Others claim they were simply mortals, great ones, but still just humans, the creation of shamans to raise authority. Dead or alive, divine or mundane, they must be summoned. Forces that exist only to devour are spreading across the kingdom once more. Great Ancestors must be awakened and Iím the only one who can make that happen.

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