Dragonfish by 俊杰 吴

Dragonfish Artwork by 俊杰 吴
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Title: Dragonfish
Date Created: 2022.9.22
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: ZBrush
Views: 225
Posted: 9/22/2022

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俊杰 吴
Member Since September 2022

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"Arowana" this work refers to the Luoping paleontological fossils, combined with some of their own fantasy. Paleontological fossils as the main object of creation, using digital means of digital reduction and digital molding research. The fossil part mainly presents the shape of bones, and the color and overall shape should be carried out through paleontological research, which is of great significance for the construction of the evolution history of life on Earth. To understand our relationship with other species, to understand our place in the natural world more rationally, and to learn more about the world. To be able to predict the difficulties that human development may encounter in the future, and better cope with them, and better understand how to get along with nature.

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