Solitude by Nicholas Raimo

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Solitude Artwork by Nicholas Raimo
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Total Votes: 1

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Title: Solitude
Date Created: November 15th 2013
Copyright: © Nicholas Raimo
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Manga Studio, Photoshop
Views: 1004
Posted: 11/15/2013

About the Artist

Nicholas Raimo
Member Since November 2013

Projects: I worked as an illustrator for with my art also featured on the cover of issue #8 of " Serial Killer Magazine" . In comics, I worked on the anthology " Black Label Comics #1" , " Huntik" #16 by Rainbow S.p.A. (help penciler), " Dealers" for The Webcomic Factory, " Davvero" Episode #27 with Dylan Dog writer Paola Barbato, " The Frightener" webcomic by Lucas Perks, and I' m currently working on " The Pariah" with writer Mark Pilkington and " 22nd Century" with Christian Beranek.

Location: Italia

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Monsters? There are no such things as monsters, just creatures you might not know. Death? Death is just a natural part of life and it's silly to be scared of it; one thing begins, than it ends -- that's just the way it is. Instead, what's more scary than endind up alone and be on your own most of your time every day?? There's nothing worse than feeling abandoned from every one and everything, trying to keep on going on anyway; and as a comic artist hardcore who cares for his carrear, I know that pretty well (and if you're a serious comic artist you know this too). :)

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