Spinner of Dreams by Colin and Kristine Poole

Spinner of Dreams Artwork by Colin and Kristine Poole
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Title: Spinner of Dreams
Date Created: 2019
Copyright: © Colin and Kristine Poole
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Clay
Views: 553
Posted: 12/7/2019

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Colin and Kristine Poole
Member Since November 2016

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Spinner of Dreams : Fired clay, Sterling silver, Brass, CaseinsFrom the front view, she appears to be simply a young woman spinning an elaborate and delicate object, with elements of nature woven into her headdress - small antlers and our version of an ancient triple moon symbol, hearkening to nighttime and dreams. As you move around the sculpture, the hidden features emerge and the full narrative reveals itself.First, you notice a small bassarisk-like animal on her lap, its body curving around her hip. Moving further, you see that the creature's tail wraps into her side and then blends completely into her back. Further around, her hair turns into a bird that together with a lizard, emerges from and blends into her body.Following the lines, you see that she herself along with these creatures-perhaps the seemingly impossible aspects of them like the color of laughter, the feel of a bird's song, the whisper of a cat and the warmth of a lizard- are what is being spun into stories and dreams. In a sense, she is creating herself as she spins her dreams.

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