Time Tombs by Tehani Farr

Time Tombs Artwork by Tehani Farr
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Title: Time Tombs
Date Created: 29/05/18
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Ink
Views: 445
Posted: 12/7/2019

About the Artist

Tehani Farr
Member Since December 2019

Projects: She is a Mexican/UK dark fantasy & sci-fi artist. Highly influenced by the fashion industry, as for literature and comics. She has worked with many brands throughout very diverse industries, a few of these: Heavy Metal, Blizzard, World of Warcraft, Playboy, Puma, Sony, E Entertainment TV. As for numerous exhibitions around the world: Tokyo, London, Paris, Barcelona, New York, LA, San Diego, Switzerland (at HR.Giger Museum), Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Colombia, Malta, Ecuador, etc Focusing her fine art traditional Illustration on the creativity in world building, characters development and story telling

Location: Mexico / California / England

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"The last man stood, alone, before the very million burning skies, and cried..." Tales of the lands before the end of time

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