The Star Eater by Laura Galli

The Star Eater Artwork by Laura Galli
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Title: The Star Eater
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 153
Posted: 12/6/2019

About the Artist

Laura Galli
Member Since December 2016

Projects: Select Publications and Projects:
Wither& Bloom, a Mystic Messenger charity fan magazine, 2018
Terrainia, 2015 to present
Card tokens for, Utrecht Grand Prix tournament 2015
Beseige at Summerset, Pathfinder fan adventure book, 2014
Karacterz Card illustrations for Landratt LLC, 2014-2017. Her work has been featured by:
Infected By Art Vol. 8
Con Before the Storm
Light Grey Art Lab

Location: Iceland

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"The last man living Ate the light of a star To repopulate its lands- And someday, he was bound To give back the sky what he owed". Personal work.

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