Abduction - Malabarize-se by Lucas Gardezani Abduch

Abduction - Malabarize-se Artwork by Lucas Gardezani Abduch
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Title: Abduction - Malabarize-se
Date Created: 08/02/2019
Copyright: © Malabarize-se
Genre: Sci Fi
Mediums: Watercolor, Pastels, Photoshop
Views: 171
Posted: 11/20/2019

About the Artist

Lucas Gardezani Abduch
Member Since October 2018

Projects: Malabarize-se: Juggling, circus arts and audiovisual productions, without dropping a ball. Videos-art, tutorials, entertainment videos and many other amazing things! New videos every tuesday!

Location: Brazil

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Abduction is an original design of Malabarize-se crated by Milena Paiva in early 2019. Curiosity fact: The juggler being abducted is Vinicius Paranhos (Vipassa)

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