Armageddon by Nam Phuong Pham

Armageddon  Artwork by Nam Phuong  Pham
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Title: Armageddon
Date Created: 11/7/19
Copyright: © Šartsyphuong
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 186
Posted: 11/9/2019

About the Artist

Nam Phuong Pham
Member Since October 2019

Projects: I have collaborate teams to make video game. I was the artist and been with two team. My previous team have completed one level which I showcase in my portfolio website and it is based on cyberpunk theme. I am currently working on a steampunk theme with my new team.

Location: Santa Ana

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The story plots is the battle of ideals. Where the world is dying but those who are fortunate is turning a blind eye and those who are unfortunate is only focus on surviving The Hero, Percival, who is the ideals stereotypic hero, is fighting for humanity idealism whereas the villain, Shiranui, is fi ghting for truth and it profanity. At the beginning of the story, Shiranui often shows more of support, but the manipulator of the hero story. Colors shows important in the story, where orange shows brightness and symbolizing blinding faith and blue for negativity and stability.

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