Spellbound by Susan Schroder

Spellbound Artwork by Susan Schroder
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Art Details

Title: Spellbound
Date Created: 2019
Copyright: © Susan Schroder
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Digital
Views: 452
Posted: 11/6/2019

About the Artist

Susan Schroder
Member Since December 2016

Projects: -" Circle the Sun" - an illustrated fantasy book series.

Location: California, USA

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-While some people may turn a blind eye to our effects on the environment, Nature is rising up and ready to take a stand. -I was exploring what a dryad might look like out of her tree and bringing along an ever-changing 'landscape' of nature with her. We see her conjuring earthen spells, but the viewer does not yet see what magic is rising from below. This is an illustration for a personal, unpublished project of the artist.

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