Nine Tailed Fox Kimono by Meredith Dillman

Nine Tailed Fox Kimono Artwork by Meredith Dillman
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Title: Nine Tailed Fox Kimono
Date Created: 2019
Copyright: © Art � Meredith Dillman
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Ink, Watercolor
Views: 477
Posted: 11/4/2019

About the Artist

Meredith Dillman
Member Since March 2014

Projects: Books by Meredith: Fantasy Fashion Art Studio (IMPACT Books) Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies & Fantasy (Walter Foster Publications)

Other publications:

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Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies and Fantasy &ndash 2009
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Pen and Ink In Japanese mythology the oldest and most powerful fox spirits have as many as nine tails.

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