Jokul the Dread by Crystal Sully

Jokul the Dread Artwork by Crystal Sully
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Title: Jokul the Dread
Date Created: Summer 2018
Copyright: © All works are copyright Crystal Sully 2018
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Photoshop
Views: 595
Posted: 12/7/2018

About the Artist

Crystal Sully
Member Since July 2014

Projects: The Untamed Beastiary: A Field Guide to Marvelous Monsters

Location: Denver, CO

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Only spoken of in hushed whispers, there remains the legend of the dragon who guards the most significant ice cave in the world. A place rumored to contain treasure beyond anything humanity has ever seen, a burial ground of ships from every different period of time in human history. One survivor from centuries ago wrote that the dragon had the most beautiful 'wings of crystal' and the belly of a Roman shield. This was before Jokul froze the rest of their crew and ship instantly with one single blast of her icy breath.

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