Close Your Eyes So You Might See by Scott Hutchison

Close Your Eyes So You Might See Artwork by Scott Hutchison
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Title: Close Your Eyes So You Might See
Date Created: 11/1/18
Copyright: © Scott Allen Hutchison
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Oils
Views: 524
Posted: 12/6/2018

About the Artist

Scott Hutchison
Member Since November 2017

Projects: My paintings and drawings are conceived by combining the use of photography, animation techniques, projections, and digital manipulation to create multifaceted figures that appear to move and animate. One painting may consist of four or five different time frames. Overlapping echoes, a figure may merge into another or become a haunting monstrous abstraction. My compositions are piece together digitally influenced heavily by my experience creating oil painted animations. In animation, the viewer sees a moving image created by separate time frames shown in quick succession. However, in this body of work the viewer is presented with multiple time frames at once. The result is a body of work that embraces realism, surrealism and abstraction. Each piece is intentionally shrouded in mystery, letting the viewer interpret its various meanings. However, I am fascinated by time, the idea of self, and the way in which I can evoke an urgency of being freed from the confines of self. Life is a series of ever changing events and time in its infinite step changes us. In an age of selfies, one portrait, or one moment in time does not capture the essence of who we are. We are many things.

Location: Washington DC

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The subjects in my paintings personify the strength and frailty of consciousness and the depths to which we experience the human condition. The figures are displaced, out of sync and stitched together from a multitude of people, like ghosts or layered memories, both timeless and self-aware.

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