Courgeritte by allan diego carrasco

Courgeritte Artwork by allan diego carrasco
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Title: Courgeritte
Date Created: october 2018
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Sculpey, Mixed Media, Acrylic
Views: 446
Posted: 11/10/2018

About the Artist

allan diego carrasco
Member Since February 2018

Location: France

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This statuette is a depiction of a mythical, magical and mysterious being which could be related to images and objects done by many cultures to illustrate or give materiality to cosmogonic figures. When I did it, I had in mind the Katsina dolls from Hopi people and some Yup'ik art too for the mask-face. Their influence on my work appears in the form (disc-shaped mask, some painted patterns´┐Ż) but also by choosing a character associated to plants or fruit (the squash in that case) as we can find many other examples in the huge variety of Katsinam existing (squash, corn, bean...). He is benevolent and protector.

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