The Sum of All Fears by Antonio Fernandez

The Sum of All Fears Artwork by Antonio Fernandez
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Title: The Sum of All Fears
Date Created: October 2018
Copyright: © Nomad Graphic Arts and A.R. Fernandez
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Corel Painter, Manga Studio
Views: 416
Posted: 11/1/2018

About the Artist

Antonio Fernandez
Member Since May 2015

Location: New Jersey (US)

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The subject is mature and nude (vulnerable) and surrounded by time-worn hard, sharp, and rusting objects (suggesting dangerous decay), while an ominous storm sky swirls in the background. Both the clock and the looming wooden coffin are evident of imminent death and time running out, but were also included as a nod to Salvador Dali (clock) and Rene Magritte (coffin) who used this imagery in their art. The wrap that covers the subject's head symbolizes the dulling of the senses (sight and hearing), and since there are cultures that associate both moths and butterflies with insanity and self-destruction, the butterflies are a symbol of "losing one's mind." The cloth winding around the figure is red (the color of violence) and it shrouds and cuts across the sexual organs. The flesh of of the lower torso is hardening or "turning to stone," symbolic of loss of sexual prowess and potency.

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