Mankind's Biggest Hero Isn't a Man by Matthew Huntley

Mankind's Biggest Hero Isn't a Man Artwork by Matthew Huntley
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Title: Mankind's Biggest Hero Isn't a Man
Date Created: 2017
Copyright: © Matthew Huntley
Genre: Sci Fi
Mediums: Oils
Views: 503
Posted: 9/7/2018

About the Artist

Matthew Huntley
Member Since June 2015

Projects: Matthew Huntley is currently focused on his personal work, Vigilant Lioness.

Location: Indiana

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The evacuations happened so quickly that it was as if the city hadn't yet realized it was deserted. Televisions streaming to empty rooms. Street lights illuminating barren roads. Warnings sounding for no one. Fleeing from the impossible was a regular occurrence these days. With the people gone, she could get on with her work without distraction. The last thing she needed was to worry about who was underfoot. She sized her opponent up from the shore. She would have looked the beast in the eyes if it had any. Instead, all she could do was stare down into the depths of its jaws as it rushed the coast. A work from my personal project Vigilant Lioness, where I explore feminism, masculinity, and gender roles through science fiction inspired by Power Rangers, Godzilla, and the things I grew up with. Mankind's Biggest Hero Isn't a Man 2017, oil on canvas, 40 x 51.5 inches Available

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