Burn by Danny Schwartz

Burn Artwork by Danny Schwartz
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Title: Burn
Date Created: February 2022
Copyright: © Danny Schwartz
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Acrylic, Graphite
Views: 134
Posted: 12/10/2022

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Danny Schwartz
Member Since December 2020

Projects: assorted sets for Magic: The Gathering, Orbit' s " Sword of Destiny Illustrated Edition" , Wyrmwood' s " Corrupted Tarot" , Gallery Nucleus' s " SALUT" , various WOW x WOW shows from 2019 onwards, a regular slot on Every Day Original. For character design, Showtime' s " Our Cartoon President" , Hulu and Frank Oz' s " In and Of Itself" , Starz' s " With Drawn Arms" , and Comedy Central' s upcoming " Washingtonia" .

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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This image was created for a prototype card game Thousand Ant was developing for display at GDC. Two factions were at war with one another -- one was the organic-like viruses, and the other was the machine-like robots. This card was called "Burn", a powerful attack spell the viruses were capable of against the robots.

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