Infected by Art Book - Volume 11 Judges

Mark Poole

Mark Poole is an original Magic the Gathering Artist who has been working with Wizards since 1992 until present. Some of his early images include: Ancestral Recall, Birds of Paradise, Counterspell, Balance, Library of Alexandria and the Towers of Urza. His more current works include The “Shooting Star” land cycle, Exploration, Crop Rotation, City of Brass, Panharmonicon, Bring to Light and Concordant Crossroads. He had the honor to have his own Secret Lair in 2021. Some of the other companies he has worked for are Sony Online Entertainment, Upper Deck, White Wolf, Alderac Entertainment, The History Channel, Ducks Unlimited, and Cirque du Soliel.

When not illustrating for others, Marks likes to pursue his vision in imaginative realism. Drawn to the connectivity of nature and man made artifacts. Broken and whole. Relationships of purpose and the aesthetic. Having the appearance of being inherently resolute

Mark Poole lives in South Carolina and is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. He has had extensive travels in America, Europe, Japan, China and Australia, attending shows, galleries and signings. Marks paintings and prints are collected worldwide.

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