Infected by Art Book - Volume 11 Judges

Patrick MASSON

Patrick Masson was born in the north east of France, Laxou. Nowadays he is living in a small town in the Vosges. Married and father of three boys, this often makes smile when someone says that Patrick was already a sculptor when he was little, because there is indeed a link between his size and his nickname "The Small" ... But yes it is true that the sculpture or modeling is an old passion for him, when he began to touch the Fimo in 1995 this was a revelation as a hobby.
Though he worked as a mechanical engineer in automotive industry for 10 years, but in 2011 Patrick decided to change his path and move to the world of sculpting. Self-taught as a sculptor, he started to work as a freelancer mainly in the miniature industry for boardgames (CMoN, Guillotines Games, Studio McVey, … ) and collector miniature's range (Blacksmith Miniatures, BigChild Creatives, Mindwork Games…).

His sculptures have been exhibited and juried in european shows and juried into international publications including various years of “Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art,”  “Infected by Art” and have been featured in numerous blogs, magazines and other publications. His work has been recognized with various awards including the Gold Award in the Dimensional Category in “Spectrum 26”.

Nowadays he is still working in the miniature industry but since his first nomination in Spectrum 23 with his Blind Death piece, he is looking to make more personal pieces to search and express his own artistic path as it may be seen in The Blind Death, Life & Death and Reflection.

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