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Yoann Lossel

Born in Strasbourg, France, in 1985, Yoann Lossel’s interest in art and painting began with the discovery of the Old Master paintings of the Renaissance, which he found at home and contemplated during his childhood. Fascinated by the breathtaking masterpieces depicting its mysterious themes and filled with fabulous creativity, he has been dreaming about becoming a painter ever since.

After a three-year degree in applied arts and narrative drawing at the Ecole Pivaut of Nantes, Yoann Lossel worked as a freelance illustrator for the Milan Edition before moving to Brocéliande and be a freelance illustrator for Ouest-France and Soleil Edition, amongst many others.

At the age of 25, he eventually left the publishing world to devote himself to exhibitions and collaborations with art galleries. Meanwhile his personal tastes feeding his artistic universe maturated and changed to something more delicate and refined.

In this way, he surrounded himself with the iconography he worshiped the most such as the Symbolist Movement, Pre-Raphaelites, Art Nouveau and Arts & Craft to furnish and decorate his beautiful and inspiring workspace.

Simultaneously, to achieve the luxurious works of art he had in mind, Yoann Lossel invested in high-quality materials (paper, ink, printer,..) and even built his own press to emboss his fine art prints. This blooming setting gave rise to the golden leaves meticulous technique. The trademark that he now masters to illuminate his work. ​

Yoann Lossel exhibited his work in many galleries in France and Belgium but also overseas in England, in Australia and, mainly, in the United States. ​

He is currently working on a coming book and the preparation of a solo show.

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