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Eve Chabot

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Artist: Eve Chabot


Artist: Eve Chabot


About Eve Chabot

My name is Eve and I am a traditional artist living in Montreal, Canada. I grew up in a rural region of Center-du-Quebec, surrounded by animals from farms near the accommodation where I lived with my parents. . As a child, I drew all the time. I was making up fantastic stories full of wonderful creatures.It was at this time that my parents noticed a sensitivity in me, for music. So I started taking my first piano lessons from a nun. During all my studies, I knew what I wanted to do: create. I experimented with several mediums before choosing watercolor and the Celtic harp. It is with the mediums of choice that today I love to tell stories, to share what my eyes see and my ears hear. Influenced mainly by my immediate world and my time, I find inspiration in nature and vegetation. Folklore, mythology, legends and fairy tales feed my imagination. In the end, “Create an Imagination that enchants the hearts of mortals”.  

Name: Eve Chabot 
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Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada

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