Nameless by Robert Elrod

Nameless Artwork by Robert Elrod
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Title: Nameless
Date Created: November 2017
Copyright: © Robert Elrod
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Graphite
Views: 187
Posted: 12/5/2017

About the Artist

Robert Elrod
Member Since November 2013

Projects: MECH: Age of Steel anthology from Ragnarok Publications ... 5 interior illustrations The Thing: Artbook ... 1 interior illustration The Journal from Art Order, LLC ... 1 interior piece of artwork Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters anthology from Ragnarok Publications ... 17 interior illustrations

Location: Parker, Colorado

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This was created for The Frankenstein Project from SuperMonster市 City. They' re planning to reprint Mary Shelley' s classic novel and needed artwork to accompany the original text from 1818. This piece was inspired by a line from Chapter 16, second paragraph ... " The cold stars shone in mockery, and the bare trees waved their branches above me now and then the sweet voice of a bird burst forth amidst the universal stillness."

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