The suburbs of London by Reka Kovacs

The suburbs of London Artwork by Reka Kovacs
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Title: The suburbs of London
Date Created: 2019, January
Copyright: © Reka Kovacs
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Graphite Pencil, Graphite, Photoshop
Views: 127
Posted: 1/13/2019

About the Artist

Reka Kovacs
Member Since January 2019

Location: Magyarország

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At first they just grew around objects we touch often or with care. Things that held memories. I think this is what they were feeding on - fragments of care and connection. But it didn't take long before we had reports of people gone missing all over the outskirts of London - in areas where there was no sign of war or conflict caused by the Magic. Soon we had plants with otherworldly lights creeping in our houses, emitting a sweet and narcotic scent. Most got addicted to it immediately and as they became obsessed with the thick, dreamy smell that filled their mind, the plants started feeding on them. Their emotions, dreams and thoughts being drained, all they are left with is a body that withers away in the matter of days... [16x11]

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