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Julia is former Pittsburgher who was raised on many days of wandering the woods of Western PA, the halls of the Carnegie Museum and the imaginary worlds of fantasy and science fiction novels. She has a life long passion for illustration and graphic storytelling that has driven her to constant collecting and studying. Now living in New Jersey she has the best of all worlds with a closeness to nature as well as some of the most amazing museums in the world.


Julia studied at Carnegie Mellon (pre-college), Rochester Institute of Technology, The Illustration Master Class and Smart School, and Schoolism. She continues to study through online classes and daily practice, always striving for a better understanding of visual storytelling and perfecting her craft.


Julia has worked for almost 30 years as a designer and illustrator. She has done book covers, packaging, tarot cards and comic strips, but is now focused on painting for the fantasy and imaginative realism markets and private collectors. She is developing new projects to reflect the deep influences of nature, science and literature from her earlier years, looking to share the magic and awe that she had experienced when exposed to the wonders of the world around her. 


Julia is available for commercial and private commissions.

Name: Julia Powell 
Joined: November 2016

Currently continuing the series of paintings for Bittersweet, The Star Trek portraits, and a new series of 3D pieces related to the Bittersweet allegorical subjects.

Location: New Jersey, USA

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