Infected By Art Book - Volume 7

Ashly Lovett

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Artist: Ashly Lovett


Artist: Ashly Lovett


About Ashly Lovett

I am an illustrator and gallery artist working primarily with chalk pastel. I love creating illustrations for the horror and fantasy genre, often with a dark romanticism undertone. My work has been published in Spectrum Fantasy Art Annual 22, 23, 24, and 25, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Infected by Art Vol 4 and 5, and others. Clients include Boom! Publishing, Lindstrom LLC., Hackle TV, ArtOrder, and more. I've done licensed work for Jim Henson Company, Adult Swim, Netflix, Focus Features, Archie Comics, and Monty Python.
Name: Ashly Lovett 
Joined: November 2016
Projects: I'm currently working on a self-published book of the Little Mermaid. This will be an illustrated adaptation of Han's Christian Anderson's original story. It launches on Kickstarter June of 2019. Learn more at
Location: Louisiana

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