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Justin Russell

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Artist: Justin Russell


Artist: Justin Russell


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My name is Justin David Russell. I'm a freelance fantasy illustrator. Ever since I can remember, I have drawn and painted. When I was in middle school, I discovered my first art book, a sizable tome of Michael Whelan's work. Seeing the process of illustration laid bare (as well as the results of such work) for the first time, I knew this was what I wanted to do personally and professionally for the rest of my life. Ever since, I have been on a bee-line path to achieve my goal. Inspirations like Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Whelan, the Hildebrandts, many Golden Age illustrators like N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle (as well as too many others to name here), helped pave the way for me. My hope is to provide as much beauty and inspiration as they did, to inspire my audience, and bring my visions to life.

Name: Justin Russell 
Joined: October 2016

I am currently involved in a Patreon campaign, Random Encounters, to raise funds in order to attend the Illustration Master Class. My campaign provides content for online and physical tabletop role-playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons. Materials provided include maps, tokens, and tiles, as well as exclusive rewards for patrons pledging at higher tier levels.

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Location: Connecticut

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