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George Patsouras

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Artist: George Patsouras


Artist: George Patsouras


Artist: George Patsouras


Artist: George Patsouras


I have always been passionate for art for as long as I can remember.  I started drawing very early in my childhood and haven’t stopped since.  Early during my teenage years I was introduced to Digital Painting and became instantly hooked;  I loved the freedom this medium offers and I found out I can be most creative using this format.  It also helps that this is pretty much the standard now when it comes to creating commercial Illustrations, so I’m very glad to have much experience in that regard.

I started freelancing during my late teens and have been revising my technique since to be able to Illustrate a variety of themes, from Fantasy Artwork to Caricature work.  I specialize primarily in stylized realism, and I find that this style suits me quite well as I’m able to create convincing Illustrations, regardless of the theme.  I enjoy this type of freedom in my work and don’t necessarily want to constrict my work in a particular subject, I simply want to be comfortable in creating in a variety of themes and subjects.

Currently I’m working with a variety of Board Game and Card Game companies illustrating work ranging from Fantasy Art to Horror.  I enjoy this type of freedom and am very humbled that I get to get paid to illustrate work that I love.  I hope you enjoy my work as well, and don’t feel shy to contact me for any questions, comments, or business inquiries.

Name: George Patsouras 
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Location: Long Island City, NY USA

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