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Jacqueline Rohner

Member Since December 2015

About Jacqueline Rohner

I grew up with four other siblings in the small town of Olive Hill, Kentucky.  I have always been an artist.  I do not ever recall a time when I was not creative.  My memories take me back as early as the age of 5, when I would become lost in my paintings and drawings.  As I grew older, so did my interest and desire to refine my skills.  I remember always working hard, obtaining my first job at the age of 14 and saving to purchase my first vehicle at the age of 17.  As the youngest member of my family, I had learned early to take responsibility for myself and my actions.  This became the motivation to take action toward success. 

There was a great Department of Art in the neighboring County.  I applied and was accepted to Morehead State University where I studied various directions in Art.  Everything from Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Photography and I dabbled in the theater during my stay.  I received my technical training specifically in Studio Illustration at Morehead State University and obtained a Bachelors of Art in 2009. 

Not only a new graduate, but I was also a new mother and decided to land a new home North to Cincinnati, Ohio.  Cincinnati is a wonderful place for the Arts, but tough to break in and putting food on the table was the most important.  I was lucky and found work within my first three months as a receptionist at a law firm.  Although it was tough, I found myself from time to time picking up additional work on the side just to ensure all the bills were paid.  After only two in a half years, I became a paralegal, but sadness began to follow me into work each day.  After working almost 5 years in the legal field, and sacrificing years to raising my son, I knew it was time to refocus on my creative passions. 

On September 19, 2015, I opened I.C.I. (Imagine. Create. Inspire.) Studio.  The studio offers art education and entertainment for all ages.  Offering adult paint & sip classes, private and corporate events, I.C.I. Kids program, private painting and drawing lessons, open drawing sessions, and creative coaching.  I wanted to offer a drawing and painting studio for community use.

So here I am continuing to pursue my artistic dream and now I am ready to go all in.

Name: Jacqueline Rohner 
Joined: December 2015

Founder of I.C.I. Studio, LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio (Painting and Drawing Studio available for community use);

City of Montgomery sponsor for artistic projects and workshops;

Design and illustrate paintings for beginner levels 1 - 3 for ages 5 and up.

Currently: Traditional Illustrator, Painter, Graphic Designer, and Photographer.


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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