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David Cameron

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Artist: David Cameron


Artist: David Cameron


Artist: David Cameron


I have been painting fantasy art for nearly fifty years now, selling my work nationally and internationally. The majority of my personal work has been inspired by my metaphysical journey through life and my strong interest in history, myths, legends and folklore especially from the celtic, viking and medieval eras, and also my keen interest in natural history, science, physics and astronomy. A lot of my commissoned work has consisted of fantasy portraits as well as standard portraits which i have been doing professionally since the age of 14, many, many years ago now it feels! I also work in wood, metal and semi precious stones making anything from jewellery to furniture and buildings and due to the recent closure of my own gallery after many years I spent the summer of 2013 building my own studio, 'Hobbit Hole Studios' from where I now work as a self employed artist.

Name: David Cameron 
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I am currently working on a series of new personal paintings that will be for sale from my website. I'm also writing a short novel based on my painting ' The most Terrible Tale Concerning The Persecution of Old Mr. Corvus' that was chosen by the jury to feature in IBA vol3 that I am hoping to get time to illustrate. Also working on a fantasy novel I started many years ago and abandoned to work on other projects and planning to write a new book of my artwork created over the past few years.

Location: United Kingdom

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