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About Mia Araujo

I have long been fascinated by the multi-faceted complexity that makes each person unique. 

I believe that all individuals contain an entire universe within them, which is invisible to the naked eye. 
My work concentrates on giving shape to the unseen forces within my subjects-- their thoughts, memories,
emotions, and complex histories. These qualities fit together to form a vast, rich inner-landscape of identity
and mythology for my characters. 
In May 2007, I graduated as valedictorian from Otis College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Illustration
and a minor in Creative Writing. I have shown
my work in prominent galleries across the US. My work has been published in Imagine FX, Spectrum 16-19, 
Juxtapoz Magazine, Society of Illustrators LA, Blue Canvas, and the Creative Quarterly.

Mia Araujo (b. 1986, Los Angeles)

Name: Mia Araujo 
Joined: October 2013

POP-Eyeconic Group Exhibition, Corey Helford Gallery. 2014.

HBOxMondo Gallery 'Game of Thrones' Group Exhibition. 2013.

Mark Ryden Custom Toy Group Exhibition. 2013.

Suggestivism: Rome Group Exhibition. 2013.

Zombie Group Exhibition curated by Travis Louie. 2013.

Corey Helford Gallery Solo Exhibition. 2012.

Penguin Books cover for Jane Yolen's Snow in Summer. 2011.

Exhibitions with Corey Helford, Roq la Rue Gallery, Copro Gallery, and others across the US and overseas from 2008 til 2013.

Location: Orange County, CA

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