The Metamorphosis by Douglas P. Lobo

The Metamorphosis Artwork by Douglas  P. Lobo
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Title: The Metamorphosis
Date Created: 14 / 04 / 2019
Copyright: © Editora Planeta do Brasil Ltda. - 2019
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: SAI, Photoshop
Views: 202
Posted: 12/6/2019

About the Artist

Douglas P. Lobo
Member Since December 2017

Projects: Dark Horse Comics x Ubisoft, DC Comics / Vertigo, Devoted Studios, Monadical Inc., Wyrm Publishing, Escape Motions, Editora Planeta do Brasil, 3DTotal, Zafir Games, Slice Literary, Pelgranne press, ArtOrder, Strange Horizons, Wilside Press, Hikipos, The Raid Studio, Martin Claret, Ruptura Editorial, Sigil Entertainment Group

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

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Cover art done for the "A Metamorfose" (Kafka's The Metamorphosis), which was recently published by Planeta de Livros Brasil.

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