Flight of Fancy Fish by Annette Hassell

Flight of Fancy Fish Artwork by Annette Hassell
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Title: Flight of Fancy Fish
Date Created: 2015
Copyright: © annettehassell.com
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Acrylic
Views: 765
Posted: 11/18/2016

About the Artist

Annette Hassell
Member Since December 2014

Location: Los Angeles, CA USA

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For this little painting I was thinking about the creative process that we, as artists, go through in our minds as we try and determine what it is that we are going to paint (this time). For me, it usually starts with just thinking about something completely unrelated to painting�like fish� I like goldfish� wait�goldfish trapped in a bowl? That seems unkind�. how about those fish in �Fantasia�?I loved them�they were magical�I bet you couldn�t keep them in any bowl�and so on. Sometimes these musings lead down rather unpleasant avenues-dark corners that need to be brought to light-and then other times, the musings are much simpler, and result in images of magical, flying fancy fish, but they always lead somewhere.

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