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Candice Dailey

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Artist: Candice Dailey


Artist: Candice Dailey


About Candice Dailey

Candice Dailey is a freelance illustrator residing in Missouri. Her interest in art was sparked at a very early age by a passion for fantasy and science fiction which continues to shape her works. Candice has a bachelor’s degree in commercial art with an emphasis in illustration from the University of Central Missouri. She continues to study and perfect her trade today, always striving to become better.

Candice specializes in science-fiction and fantasy art, using her passion for color, emotion, and atmosphere to create new ways of seeing loved characters. She currently works on Lucas Film posters for ACME Archives. Candice has worked on several comic and novel covers including; Sera and the Royal Stars, Duskrider, Ferryman origins, and OMG a Horror Anthology. She is a sketch card artist for Topps working on IPs such as Star Wars and Ninja Turtles. 

Name: Candice Dailey 
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