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Meredith Dillman

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Artist: Meredith Dillman


Artist: Meredith Dillman


Artist: Meredith Dillman


About Meredith Dillman

Meredith is a traditional watercolor painter known for her colorful watercolors which blend the flowing lines of Art Nouveau, with fantasy, myth and folklore. Fairies and nature spirits inhabit the dreamy world of her paintings. She is the author and illustrator of the watercolor painting books "Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies and Fantasy” and “Fantasy Fashion Art Studio”. In addition, her work has appeared in many books, magazine and licensed products.

Name: Meredith Dillman 
Joined: March 2014

Books by Meredith:

Fantasy Fashion Art Studio (IMPACT Books)

Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies & Fantasy (Walter Foster Publications)

Other publications:

78 Tarot - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Watercolor Fairy Art – 2014
Fantasy Fashion Art Studio – 2013
Vampire Art Now – 2011
Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies and Fantasy – 2009
Art Scene International feature – 2008
In Light Times – 2007
How to Draw and Paint Fairies by Linda Ravenscroft – 2005
500 Fairy Motifs – 2005
Watercolor Fairies – 2004


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