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Rebecca Solow

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Artist: Rebecca Solow


Artist: Rebecca Solow


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Rebecca is a freelance illustrator with a special interest in folklore and fairy tales from around the world. She particularly enjoys portraying strong women, clever children, animals, and magic. She works with clients in book publishing, magazine publishing, film, jewelry design,�technical illustration, and original painting commissions, and always has personal projects going as well. Rebecca teaches drawing and illustration classes at Montgomery College and at The Workhouse Art Center. She lives in Maryland with her husband and a 12 year old rabbit.
Name: Rebecca Solow 
Joined: October 2014
Projects: Upcoming: Swamp Tale (working title) - an illustrated novel, release date TBA Sometimes It's Hard to Wake Up - Picture book coming in 2020 Past: Our Iceberg is Melting - Book for Penguin Random House 2016 The Gingerbread Train - Picture Book for Locomotion Press 2017 Through the Hedge - Solo art show, 2018 Brown Owl - Book for Cengage Learning 2018 Do You Like Trains? - Picture Book for Locomotion Press 2019 Letters from the Labyrinth - YA novel illustrations for Talliston House 2019
Location: United States

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