Congratulations to the Infected by Art Season 2 Winners

Posted On: 1/24/2014 7:36:00 PM

Our Jury Panel completed their selections today and we're thrilled to be able to present to you the winners of the Infected by Art Season 2 competition. The voting for the overall winners at all levels was incredibly close, and that's due in large part to the incredible entries we had during this competition. As you know, with IBA 2 we changed the Certificates of Merit from genre to Art Medium in order to level the playing field with the pieces submitted, and that helped to make the selections all that more difficult this time around. 

Without further ado, here are the winners of Infected by Art Season 2.

Grand Prize Winners

1st Place: Grand Prize Winner: $5,000 and the Cover of the IBA softbound edition.
Patrick Jones
- Conan the Conquered

2nd Place: Grand Prize Winner: $1,500
Raoul Vitale
- Turin and Glaurung

3rd Place: Grand Prize Winner: $750
Michael C. Hayes
- Artemis

Internet Voting Prizes:

1st Place: - Grand Prize Winner: $1,500 and the Back Cover of the IBA softbound edition.
Tom Fleming
- Ophelia

2nd Place: Grand Prize Winner: $750
Tom Fleming
- Soul Harvest

3rd Place: Grand Prize Winner: $500
Peter Mohrbacher - Erebos, God of Death

Certificates of Merit (Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal) in each of the Following Medium Categories:


Gold - Jeff Miracola - Dragon Dive

Silver - Wayne Hagg - Sky Burial #1

Bronze - Marc Fishman - Gabriel's Lament

Bronze - Lucas Graciano - The Last Stand of Thorin Oakenshield

Mixed Media: 

Gold - Dan Chudzinski - The Reliquary of St. George

Gold - Lee Joyner - Gazelf

Silver - Thomas Kuebler - Doctor Calvarium and His Atomic Brain


Gold - Tomasz Jedruszek - The Great Escape

Silver - Kari Christensen - The Last Human

Bronze - Ben Wootten - Dragon's Fury


Gold - Rebecca Yanovskaya - Ascent of Man and the Destruction of Magic

Silver - Ruth Sanderson - Descent

Bronze - Allen Williams - The Gift

Please note that there two pieces were tied for Bronze in the Oil/Acrylic/Paint category, and two pieces were tied for Gold in the Mixed Media category.

This list can be viewed on our site at the following link:

When we looked closely at the vote totals on we felt that those pieces that were unanimously voted on by the Jury Panel deserved special recognition. We've created a special page for you to view those pieces as they certainly represent what the Jury Panel felt were the best pieces submitted to IBA 2.

Congratulations to all the winners from Infected by Art Season 2! We'll be in touch very soon with those winners of prize awards or certificates. Because of our new site platform, as well as our new partnership with Hermes Press, we're anticipating a much faster turn around on the Infected by Art Season 2 book. We are currently estimating an early to mid-Summer release of the book, and will update you during the production process.




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