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Artist: Naomi VanDoren


Naomi VanDoren is a whimsical fantasy artist and author who weaves story and a sense of adventure into every piece she creates. Naomi grew up in the Spice Island of Indonesia. She uses vibrant, natural themes of the outdoors, a love of travel and exploration, and the rich cultures of South East Asian and Oceana as inspiration and themes that make their way into her work. Her art revolves around imaginative worlds and reflects a deep desire to explore not only the world she lives in but imaginative ones as well.
Name: Naomi VanDoren 
Joined: September 2014
Projects: Naiya and the Foxdragon - Currently, Naomi is working with an editor on completing her first illustrated novel in a series of young adult adventure books in her Foxdragon world. Find out more at Every Day Original - For the past 4 years Naomi has been a monthly contributor to the online gallery EDO. Her pieces on here often sell within the first few hours of posting. In addition to these, Naomi is an Art Station Learning instructor, teaching beginners the basics to watercolors, being an independent artist etc. Her first 6 video courses are being released during the winter of 2019.
Location: California

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